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Embodied Singer - The Class   

Movement Class, Meditation Practice, Voice Exploration in one immersive class.

Embodied Singer - The Class is a unique blend of mindfulness practices, movements, poses, and breathing techniques all designed to support and illuminate traditional vocal exercises. The diverse and inclusive approach provides singers endless opportunities for discovery. 

The class is designed to serve all bodies, minds, and voices.  Props and modifications are offered throughout to support your unique experience.  Those seeking intensity will have opportunities to safely explore their boundaries.

Please bring a yoga mat and dress to move comfortably. You are welcome to bring other supportive props (blocks, straps, etc.)

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Embodied Singer - The Class resumes Tuesday February 5th from 7 - 8:15pm at Danspace - Oakland

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Embodied Singer - The Workshop

Each Embodied Singer workshop has a central concept, explored through conversation, movement, and singing.  Working from inquiry, students are encouraged to explore and collect techniques and approaches that may serve them.  Singers are provided with written and video materials to support their home study.  All voice types, vocal genres, and experience levels are welcome!  

Past workshops include: 

Body Alignment, Breath and Respiratory Anatomy, Energetic Singing and Support, Resonance and Vocal Tract Anatomy, Using Expressive Gesture, Yoga for Singers, Full-Body Choral Singing...

Upcoming Workshops:                                                                         

Embodied Singer @ Holy Names University - Saturday, February 2nd 2 - 4pm

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Embodied Singer - Individual Study

You are unique.  Through individual study, we will collaborate to find techniques that serve your mind, body, and artistic goals.  Individual study includes:

  • Mindfulness and Awareness Techniques

  • Alignment Education

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Movement and Postures

  • Vocal Exercises and Repertoire Study

  • Corny Jokes and Friendship

Shauna's approach is tailored to the individual, including anatomical education and traditional vocal pedagogy, approached in a holistic, creative, and nurturing way.  

For more information on Individual Study, contact EmbodiedSinger@gmail.com