Discover.  Learn.  Share.  Repeat! 

A singer since early childhood, Shauna has a robust career performing opera, oratorio, song recitals, elite ensemble singing, and most notably contemporary music.  Her fascination with vocal technique began with her own study and naturally led to working with her fellow singers.  She received her B.M. in Vocal Performance from New England Conservatory of Music and her M.M. in Vocal Pedagogy from Holy Names University.   

Shauna has presented workshops and clinics for numerous choral organizations and colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area and serves on the faculties of Holy Names University, Chabot College, and City College San Francisco.  She is the Master Voice Teacher for the Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir and Acalanes High School.  Her large private voice studio serves singers of all ages throughout the Bay Area.

Like many singers growing up, choir was Shauna’s sport.  A lack of awareness and connection to her body hindered Shauna’s artistic development and expression.  After identifying and exploring the underlying emotional reasons why she avoided physical activity, Shauna embarked on her movement and embodiment journey.  

Shauna found her home at The Dailey Method, an alignment-based Barre fitness program. She was immediately attracted to the thoughtful precision of the alignment and movement, as well as the nurturing and enthusiastic community.  As her passion and knowledge grew, Shauna felt compelled to share it.  Shauna has taught Dailey Method since 2014.  Shortly after training, Shauna began to train fellow instructors on vocal expression, vocal health, and musicality. 

In addition to Dailey Method, Shauna began running, eventually completing two full marathons, RRCA Run Coach Certification, and numerous other races, including triathlons.  When The Dailey Method developed Dailey Cycle, Shauna enthusiastically promoted the format, ultimately becoming the Master Teacher Trainer of Dailey Cycle for the West Coast. Shauna has the pleasure of leading teacher trainings and mentoring studios worldwide and teaching all formats in the Berkeley and Piedmont studios.    

Shauna is a daily practitioner and student of both myofascial release and yoga.  She completed her 250 hour yoga teacher training with Richard Rosen, Mary Paffard and mentored by Vickie Russell-Bell. The interplay between breath, thought, and movement immediately transformed Shauna's singing and evolved her voice teaching.  Her unique vocal pedagogy and ultimately, Embodied grew out of this holistic integration.  

Embodied is the integration of Shauna’s passion for music, movement, and self-discovery. Shauna believes that each singer’s unique answers are already within them, embedded in their mind and body.  By providing information, tools, and supportive feedback, singers are empowered to develop an embodied technique that unlocks and supports their authentic artistry.