Your Singing Body is a Dynamic Instrument. 

Vocal sounds authentically represent the body that created them. Embodied Singer explores the full body and mind of the singing artist. Awareness, alignment, strength, and flexibility of the body and mind allow your voice to function optimally. 

Our Entire Body Sings.

Embodied Singer explores body awareness through postures, movements, props, guided meditations and collaborative conversations. Drawing from numerous bodywork modalities, Embodied workshops, classes, and lessons use postures and movements to align the body, balancing energy and space. This deep body awareness is the foundation of effective, holistic vocal pedagogy. Discovering your unique, effective singing techniques becomes a creative and satisfying endeavor of its own! 

Singing is Meditation.

Meditation is the act of returning, again and again, to a point of concentration. As singers, our point of concentration is our musical expression. We are busy humans. It is completely natural to become distracted. Exploring singing as meditation fosters an inner connection and focus that centers all areas of our lives. 

You are a Unique Artist. 

Every singer is unique, bringing their own perceptions, intentions, and artistic desires.  Embodied Singer is inclusive in its approach and applicable to all genres of music. Each artist is encouraged to consider what they want to sound like. Once the intention for the sound is clear, it guides the body and mind. Embodied Singer technique is versatile and always in service to your authentic artistry. The “right” vocal technique is the technique that reveals and supports the sounds you love.  

Every Sound is Valuable. 

Embodied Singer promotes equanimity - equal respect for all of our vocal expressions.  Every sound we make releases something valuable from within.  Every sound we make gives us more information about the full spectrum of our artistry.  When we embrace all sounds and experiences, we are free from judgement and open to discovery.